Hy-Vee Welcome Back BBQ

HyVee Welcome Back BBQTo kick off the school year in Maryville, MO, Hy-Vee sponsored a “Welcome Back” BBQ, with proceeds benefiting We Gotchya!

Hy-Vee is the center of town, and nearly everyone in a 20-mile radius comes to HyVee to shop and socialize. So, there’s just no better place to have a Welcome Back event!

Maryville residents were extremely supportive of the We Gotchya message. They donated feminine products and cash, and they purchased raffle tickets to win prizes donated by Maryville businesses: A&G, Blue Willow Boutique, Ferlukinat Farm, HOME by Sonya, La Chic and Minnie Lane.

We Gotchya raised over $225. This money will be used to buy supplies to make reusable cotton menstrual pads for Haiti.

A HUGE thank you to Sara Tompkins, Hy-Vee Grill Manager, for arranging this BBQ!

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