Host Lions Makes Generous Donation

Maryville MO Host Lions Donates to We Gotchya
From left: Carolyn Johnson, Deb Toomey, Lion President Joe Baumli, Jacquie Lamer.

There’s not much we can say that would adequately show our appreciation for the Maryville Host Lions club.

On Thursday, Aug. 15, three We Gotchya members presented at a weekly Lions luncheon at Maryville’s Community Center.

Yes, there were probably several people in the room who were a bit uncomfortable. I admit that I was one of them, after all, it’s really only been about a year since I’ve been able to say the words “period” or “menstruation” publicly!

But we found a warm and generous response, sincere interest in our cause, and we heard many personal father-daughter stories.

The Lions concluded their meeting by presenting us with a $500 check! To say we were shocked wouldn’t be accurate. We are beyond grateful!!

Our goal for the lunch was to help eliminate the taboo around menstruation and spread the word that times have changed — students just don’t carry quarters anymore, and when they need supplies, they need supplies. Why aren’t feminine products just made available in restrooms instead of locked in machines students can’t access?

I think the mostly male room not only heard our message, they also showed us that they are completely comfortable making menstruation a topic to discuss over a friendly lunch!

Thank you Maryville Host Lions for your warm and generous support of We Gotchya!

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