Campus Research: Tampon and pad usage at Northwest Missouri State University

The following is a summary of research conducted in the Fall 2019 semester at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri. The research was conducted by Dr. Deborah Toomey‘s Marketing Research class.

The main goal for the research was to focus on the overall sentiment of We Gotchya in both males and females on campus and to find out how national views of feminine products correspond with local views.

The survey was sent to 950 people and 301 responded. The majority of respondents were female students. See the complete report here.

Prior to this survey, were you aware of the We Gotchya program?

The graph shows how aware the participants are of the We Gotchya program. Seventy-four people, 26.52% responded they are not aware of the program, while 206 people, 73.48%, said they are aware of the program. No one said “Prefer not to Respond.” The pie graph shows that We Gotchya, for the majority, is known around the Northwest campus.

How comfortable are you talking about periods?

The bar graph shows how comfortable the participants are talking about periods. Sixty-seven people (31.07%) answered very comfortable, 119 people (42.5%) answered comfortable, 58 people (20%) were neutral, 12 people (4.29%) answered uncomfortable, and six people (2.14%) said very uncomfortable. The data shows that the majority of participants in the survey are comfortable talking about periods. 

Have you ever missed class due to an issue with a monthly period?

The pie chart shows if the applicants have ever missed class due to a monthly period. Forty-one percent of applicants answered yes that they have had to miss class due to a monthly period.

How often do you miss class when experiencing issues with a monthly period?

The bar graph is shows how often respondents have missed class due to a period-related issue. Eighty-eight of our respondents answered some months they miss class. Other applicants answer most months and one person answered every month.

How often have you utilized the We Gotchya baskets?

The bar graph shows out of the 268 participants who answered the question, nearly half have used products from the “We Gotchya” baskets. A total of 127 have used products from We Gotchya baskets at least once: Forty-three said once, 31 said twice, 45 said a few times, eight said several times, and one responded prefer not to respond. 

140 have not used We Gotchya products.

127 have used We Gotchya products.

Have you ever contributed to the We Gotchya program by providing items?

The pie graph shows that 61.93% of participants in the survey said no to ever contributing to the We Gotchya baskets on Northwest’s campus. The other 38.57% said yes to contributing. 

How often have you contributed to the We Gotchya baskets?

The bar graph shows how often people contributed to We Gotchya. Out of the 108 people that answered the question 41 people have contributed once, 19 twice, 33 a few times, 13 several times, and 2 prefer not to respond. The only people that saw this question were if the participant said “Yes” to having contributed to the baskets before. 

Have you ever asked another person for a feminine hygiene product?

The pie chart shows that 86.61% of participants have asked another person for hygiene products. Only 12% of participants have never had to ask another female for a feminine product. 

Have you ever used a feminine hygiene product dispenser on campus?

The pie chart shows the amount of people we surveyed who have used the feminine hygiene dispensers on campus. Showing that 78.26.% of women taking this survey have not used the dispensers on campus.

Can you afford feminine the hygiene products you need?

The pie chart shows that most women who took our survey can afford feminine product with a nearly 88.96% answering yes. Only about 8% answered no and 3% who preferred not to respond.

Do you believe that NWMSU should provide hygiene products for free to anyone on campus?

A majority of participants answered yes to wanting feminine hygiene products to be provided for free on campus. Everyone that took the survey answered this question.

If you believe menstrual products should be provided in campus restrooms, alongside other personal hygiene products like toilet paper, soap and paper towels, please sign our petition.