About Us

Why We’re Here

The We Gotchya Crew began with a small group of women in Maryville, Missouri, who wanted to make the world — or at least the Maryville part of it — a better place.

Focusing on the needs of female students was obvious given that Maryville is a university town, home of Northwest Missouri State University. Being women, we see things men don’t, and that’s how we decided to focus on ensuring that young women don’t miss school or classes when they’re menstruating. We all know first hand that those relic tampon machines in some ladies rooms stopped dispensing product years ago. And even if they were operable, we know students don’t carry nickles, dimes and quarters.

We also know that many in our community simply cannot afford feminine products — they can be costly. Even the $7 package of 36 tampons can be too much for students on our campus and women in our community.

We decided a simple feminine product support system was in order: We’ll supply baskets in key ladies rooms and stock them with pads and tampons, and ask that women drop an extra or two in the basket when they have them.

Take one when you need it, leave one when you can. Simple.

Ideally, these products would be supplied naturally, the way toilet paper is supplied. Why not? Scotland is doing it — by law in Scotland, all schools, colleges and universities provide free sanitary products, “in a sensitive and dignified way.”

After our first 2 semesters of basket monitoring, we realize that the hidden problem of not having a tampon when you need one is one that’s easily solved. But keeping the system in place, growing it, keeping baskets stocked, it takes a bit of time and money.

So, if you’re still reading this, you must be interested! Want to join us? Please send us a message and tell us how you’d like to help. We can always use more helping hands — male, female, or other!


In the News

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