No Quarters -- UnlockTheBoxIf you believe that tampons and pads should be provided free of charge in restrooms on campus, please sign our petition below.

Your signature will help us show administrators the level of interest in providing more free tampon and pad dispensers, such as the one shown here, sponsored by the Commons, first floor of the Union. We understand that schools providing free menstrual products is still a dream here in Missouri and that schools will incur additional costs. But we believe the words of New Hampshire Rep. Polly Campion who co-sponsored that state’s bill — which was signed to law July 17, 2019 — requiring schools to provide free menstrual products:

“Being an adolescent middle or high-schooler is hard enough without the fear and embarrassment of lacking proper care products during the school-day because you cannot afford them,” she said. ”… Providing access to free menstrual care products in public middle and high school bathrooms is not idealistic, it’s a basic, essential measure for equality and is long overdue.”  — Huffington Post, July 17, 2019

See’s national survey.