That didn’t go as planned!

March 2020 didn’t go as anyone had planned.

For We Gotchya, it was our big fundraising month of the year, given that March is National Women’s History Month. We were building on the momentum of 2019, continuing the drink specials at Maryville’s favorite restaurant, A & G. Sara Tompkins at HyVee built 4 benefit dinners into her calendar, celebrating women every Wednesday of the month.

And then Covid-19 struck. By the middle of March, HyVee’s dining area was closed and A & G was only preparing meals for carryout.

There were immediate conversations around shifting from making feminine pads for Haiti to making face masks for local hospitals and nursing homes. We were slow to organize that effort due to the CDC’s initial reports that cloth face masks would not work against this virus. But We Gotchya sewers sewed away, making their own masks for their friends, families, hospitals and others.

Your own face on a face mask
Put your own face on a face mask — upload your own photo to our template.

(Update: I’m sorry to report that these face masks turned out to be pretty poor quality. I’m keeping the reference here, but removing the links and removing our designs from the Zazzle store.)

Now, we offer these fun and customizable face masks via Zazzle, an on-demand provider of customizable products.

Since it seems everyone will be wearing face masks for months to come, we thought we would offer some fun versions to help you make the most of having to cover up. We make a small percentage from the sale of these face masks, so if you like them, please help us drive traffic to our Fun Face Masks page. We’ll get an additional referral fee if orders come from that page.

We weren’t able to raise any funds in March as we’d planned, but with help from anyone reading this, we could raise some funds through these masks. We raise money to buy feminine products for the campus of Northwest Missouri State University. We hope to expand to the middle school and high school in Maryville, MO.

Check out all of our fun face masks here.

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