A holiday greeting from Frosty the Snow Diva

Frosty The Snow Diva


Frosty the Snow Diva
Was a jolly happy soul
With a Lunapad and a boyshort Thinx
And a Diva Cup, little bowl

Frosty the Snow Diva is no fairy tale, no way
She’s made of grit
She’s tough as s**t
And she lives her life her way

There must have been some magic in that
Illinois tampon law
‘Cuz now they’re tampons in the stalls
Right next to the mega roll

O Frosty the Snow Diva
Is alive as she can be
And We Gotchya’s here saying loud and clear
Free tampons there must be!

Thumpetty thump thump
Thumpetty thup thump
Look at Frosty go!

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