We sent 25 period kits to Haiti!


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We did it — We gave 25 period packs to Bayo yesterday!!

This Friday, they’ll be on a plane to Haiti and on their way to 25 girls at House of Hope Haiti.

On June 15, Bayo will be back to share with us whatever we need to know to modify future packs. I hope many of you can come to this meeting — it should be really interesting to get direct feedback on how girls in resource-poor Haiti are managing their monthly menstruation with the reusable cotton pads we’ve sent them.

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed along the way…

Marla Spire McCrary (pad engineer and Marsha Martin sewing team coordinator), Patty Andrews Holley (pro-level wet/dry bags), Lisa Haidsiak Crater (instruction manuals), Jacquie Steinman-McLaughlin(super-sonic pad material), Kelley Yagel Baldwin (lip balm)

Helen Konstantopoulos (publicity), Terra Feick (treasurer), Carolyn Johnson (social lead), Sara Tompkins (top chef fundraiser), Thuy Copeland (Maryville Board Game Cafe space)

Hy-Vee , A & G Restaurant Fan PageThe Pub and Jeff Zeller(fundraising support)

360 support: Joy DaggsElyssa FordJamie CampbellDeborah Johnson Toomey, Araceli Gonzalez, Sue Nickerson, Jackie Buckley RossAnn HeidendalJody StrauchMegan DeShon-RungeB.k. TaylorCris Lydon JacobsonCara Mattson and Grace Mattson, Children and Family Center and Linda Mattson, Kenna JohnsonEgon HeidendalSteven Eric Chappell, Gabrielle Fields.

New supporters Pat Sinnett Kinman and Penni Dougherty Fox.

… and the many, many basket monitors and others who generously support We Gotchya efforts… 👊

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