Women helping women…


Sigma Kappa tampon drive at Northwest Missouri State University
Northwest Missouri State University’s Sigma Kappa members showing the efforts of their product drive — FANTASTIC WORK, ladies!!

Sigma Kappa, a Northwest Missouri State University sorority, “adopted” the We Gotchya baskets this month, filling them to the brim with tampons pads and liners.

We think this is the perfect way for women to support women. We all know that the old feminine product machines rarely work, and even if they do, who has a quarter with them these days?

The We Gotchya product baskets are intended to be a “take one, leave one” method of supporting one another. And, Sigma Kappa proved that in spades with their support!

Check out all of the product in these photos — baskets across campus were filled to the brim!

Notice that Sigma Kappa made signs to indicate their “sponsorship” of the baskets. We highly encourage this approach — let others know about your efforts and that you, too, have our backs!

The purpose of Sigma Kappa is to provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities.

Thank you, ladies of Sigma Kappa! This project completely aligns with your mission!

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