Tampon box unlocked in Commons!

We are more than thrilled to have the first tampon and pad dispenser box unlocked at Northwest Missouri State University!

No Quarters -- UnlockTheBox
This dispenser is located in the women’s room in the Commons dining area, on the first floor of the Union.

Thanks to the support of Spencer Martin and the Commons, we are beginning to break menstruation’s taboo and help prevent students from missing class for period-related issues.

Did you know that 41% of students at Northwest Missouri State University miss class due to a period-related issue? Seventy-one percent of those surveyed said they have used We Gotchya free products at least one time, and 29% said they’ve used our free products more than once. (See our complete campus research, conducted by Dr. Deb Toomey‘s Marketing Research class.)

Unexpected periods happen. Students no longer carry quarters. This means tampons and pads are locked in a box when we unexpectedly experience a period. Locking necessary hygiene products is a longstanding problem that most people don’t like to talk about because it’s so personal.

We Gotchya is starting the conversation at Northwest. Will you join us and help us unlock more of these dispensers across campus?

How can you help? Please sign our petition. Please share our social media posts on Twitter and Facebook. Please sponsor a bathroom basket. And if you want to do more, just contact us and we’ll put you to work!

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