Covid-19 Product Drive for Haiti

Covid-19 Product Drive for House of Hope HaitiAs Covid-19 has upended most of our lives, we all tend to think about those less fortunate. Members of We Gotchya often think of the children at House of Hope, a community school and support network in Williamson Haiti.

Because we supply girls at House of Hope with reusable, cotton menstrual pads, we’ve built an attachment to these children.

We want to continue to support House of Hope with their sanitation needs, especially during this pandemic. So, we’ve added hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to our list of products we’ll be sending to Haiti.

Maryville Board Game Cafe has been kind enough to continue to keep our donation basket in their cafe, ready to accept donations.

Collection bin for hand sanitizer
The collection bin is in the Green Room, in the back of Maryville Board Game Cafe.

Please consider picking up some extra hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes next time you’re shopping, then drop them off in the bin, located in the back of the cafe. Maryville Board Game Cafe is located at 324 N Main St, Maryville, MO.

Bayo Joakim plans to visit House of Hope in December, and that’s when these donations will reach Haiti. Keep in mind that Bayo will be putting this product in checked luggage, so containers that are “medium” sized are best.

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