We get this…

When we saw this post on LittleThings.com, we could totally relate: A sanitary products machine in a public bathroom that either isn’t stocked or doesn’t work.

Read the entire story for yourself, but in short, this story is about a woman who paid $15 for a box of tampons at the Calgary International Airport. Calgary! We expected more of Canada, which usually seems to put the needs of Canadians front and center.

In this case, Carlee left a note for the next victims. Little did she realize that her note would be read by women around the world, thanks to another bathroom visitor who posted this photo online.

The sign she left in the ladies’ room reminds us of our sharing baskets at Northwest Missouri State University. In both cases, a biological need is overlooked, and women step in to help one another.

The We Gotchya Crew supports an institutional supply of feminine products in public areas, akin to toilet paper.

Period Supply Exchange Basket
Period Supply Exchange Basket in Colden Hall

We believe in alternatives to tampons and other disposables, such as reusable cotton pads and cups. But in public areas, when a woman is menstruating, these disposable products are a must.

Let’s make them available.



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