Relax, we gotchya!

We know how it is.

In Designation area, click “Other” then write in “We Gotchya”.

You wake in a panic. You’re already 2 minutes late for class. You jump into your shoes, rush out of your room, sneak into the classroom. You made it.

But, oh crap, you didn’t bring any tampons and today’s the day.

Don’t freak. We gotchya!

Just go to the bathroom in your building that has a basket with the We Gotchya sign. If you don’t know where it is, just ask around. Good news spreads.

Take what you need today, and bring some replacements when you can. It’s a support system, backed by a bunch of faculty and staff who want you to focus on your studies. After all, that’s why you’re in school.

And if you are faculty or staff, consider making a donation of products or funding. Look for the We Gotchya sticker on office doors — that’s where you can drop off supplies.

Or, donate money here.

Let’s make this system work until there’s a better one in place!

Read about the We Gotchya group in this release from Northwest Missouri State University.



[Photo credit: Original, unedited photo by Basheer Tome.]

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